ASAP’s mission is to prevent and reduce substance abuse and related costs in Hancock County, Iowa.

To be successful, we focus on youth — and on encouraging our entire community to look out for their interests, too.

Why young people? Because they’re our country’s future. And because they’re especially vulnerable to addiction as their brains develop — changes that don’t end until around age 25. Youth are also more susceptible to environmental forces that encourage substance use and abuse — everything from non-stop, digital media to old-fashioned peer pressure.

So, here’s what we’re teaming to do A.S.A.P.:

  • Reduce access to, and social acceptance of, the use of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs (including prescription drugs) in our county.
  • Make more people more aware of the harms caused by adolescent drug use.
  • Provide resources that inspire everyone to reach for something other than a substance to have a good time.

Established in 2014, Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention is a nonprofit organization rooted in decades of effective efforts to prevent and reduce the harms of substance abuse in communities throughout Hancock County. ASAP has emerged from the Hancock County Wellness Coalition and from the mentorship of the Garner Asset Project (GAP), which focused on specific communities within Hancock County. With GAP’s guidance, effective community-focused strategies and ideas can be expanded and used countywide through ASAP.

The communities of Hancock County are proud of the friendliness they’ve fostered among residents and of the high standards they have set in education, healthcare and civic responsibility to provide a good quality of life for all. To help ensure Hancock County remains a wonderful place to live — a place where people are encouraged and equipped to reach for excellence — ASAP is working to make young people more knowledgeable about the risks and long-term effects of substance abuse.

We invite you to meet our coalition members — and to contact us to support ASAP.