Living A Life Of Substance

We are valuable.  We are talented.  We are studious.  We are athletic.  We are caring.  We are disiplined. We have goals.  We are truly present.  We are strong.  We like science.  We are social.  We are creative.

We are drug free.

Helping Iowa Youth

When young people rise above the influence, everyone’s influence is brighter.  We help them connect with their communities in healthy, meaningful ways.

Serving Iowa Families

We provide resources aimed at stregthening the most important relationships

Strengthening Iowa Families

We help communities combine resources to implement evidence based and cost-effective approaches to drug prevention.

Find Help ASAP

Get information and insight about substance abuse and addiction from sources that are ASAP approved


Check out our calendar listings- and contact us about events you would like us to conisder sharing with our network.