ASAP’s Mission

Working together to prevent or reduce youth substance abuse in Hancock County.

To be successful, we focus on youth — and on encouraging our entire community to look out for their interests, too.

Why young people? Because they’re our country’s future. And because they’re especially vulnerable to addiction as their brains develop — changes that don’t end until around age 25. Youth are also more susceptible to environmental forces that encourage substance use and abuse — everything from non-stop, digital media to old-fashioned peer pressure.

What We Do:

  • Reduce access to, and social acceptance of, the use of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and other drugs (including prescription drugs) in our county.
  • Raise awareness about the harms caused by adolescent substance use.
  • Provide resources that inspire everyone to reach for something other than a substance.

Our History

Established in 2014, Allies for Substance Abuse Prevention is a coalition rooted in decades of effective efforts to prevent and reduce the harms of substance abuse in communities throughout Hancock County. ASAP emerged from the efforts of the Hancock County Wellness Coalition and came to fruition after completing a mentorship with the Garner Asset Program (GAP).

ASAP is working to make young people and our communities more knowledgeable about the risks and long-term effects of substance abuse. — We work to ensure Hancock County remains a wonderful place to live; a place where people are encouraged and equipped to reach for excellence.

We invite you to meet our coalition members — and to contact us to support ASAP.

Our Timeline


  • Decrease in reported 30-day alcohol use in 11th grade students (2014)
  • Adult Leader Code of Conduct approved by school board (2015)
  • Efforts to limit youth alcohol access at community based events (2015)


  • Landlord workshop for rental property owners to address/eliminate substance use on their properties (2016)
  • Local ER prescription drug policy clarified limiting access to pain meds in ER (2015)
  • Vaping ordinance proposed by Teen Council passed by Garner City Council (2016)


  • New permanent drug drop box installed at Britt PD (2016)
  • Held first drug drop off day (2016)
  • Positive changes in outcomes related to the work of the coalition; specifically perceptions of parental disapproval related to alcohol and perception of risk related to alcohol (IYS) (2016)


  • Teen Council and Garner City Council work together to pass Marijuana zoning ordinance (2018)
  • Prescription drug lock boxes and bags distributed to schools and businesses in Hancock County (2017)
  • Strong use of media to reach community (2017)


  • Grow operations added to Marijuana zoning ordinance by Garner City Council (2019)
  • ASAP and Prairie Ridge hold “Key Components to Creating Your Workplace Policy” workshop (2019)


  • Youth summit faith events held for students (2020)