ADDICTED” is a multi-part series that focuses on different addictions that college students face. From alcoholism to addiction to screens, “ADDICTED” will focus on a different form of substance use in each series installment.


Shiv Patel had his first drink on his first night at Iowa State. Thinking back on that freshman year decision, Patel said after his first beer, all he could think about was getting more.

Now a fifth-year student studying computer and data science, Patel reflected on what his freshman year self thought college would be like. With “work hard, play hard” as his mantra, Patel said he had a romanticized view of college. Patel said he held the “delusional stigma” about college that many forms of media perpetuate; that college is all about sex, drugs and partying. He said while he knew he was at Iowa State to study, he was also here to party and “go crazy.”