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This category is composed of all blog posts that speak directly to parents about parenting approaches and tools they could use to build healthier relationships with their children.

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What parents need to know about vaping

The tobacco industry is ramping and amping up its marketing of vaping as a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking. Don’t believe the hype. Vaping products are essentially battery-operated cigarettes — many sporting cool colors and themes popular with youth — that skip the leafy form of tobacco and allow users to get their buzz from […]

Parents have addiction resources

With the spread of marijuana for recreational and medical use, parents are expressing more concerns about the impact on their children. They are seeking addiction resources There are many ways to stay informed and find solid guidance to address challenges. Several recently released books, videos and articles aimed at preventing marijuana use and debunking common […]

Know the 10 Cs of parenting and loving leadership

The following article is from Terry Levy, Ph.D., director of Evergreen Psychotherapy Center in Evergreen, Colo. Dr. Levy is a world-recognized expert in the treatment of attachment disorders and trauma. He is the co-author of Attachment, Trauma and Healing and Healing Parents: Helping Wounded Children Learn to Trust and Love. The ten Cs of parenting […]

Drug-promoting media need dose of ‘Parent Power’

Parents have much more influence on their children’s decision-making than they often think they do, and they need to embrace their “Parent Power” to help their kids navigate media that promote and glorify substance use, writes Joseph A. Califano, Jr., author of the revised and updated book, How to Raise a Drug Free Kid: The […]